Doors - Paradox

Either The Room turned me into a genius, or Big Loop's Doors - Paradox was simple to the point of tedium. I'm opting for the latter. This game was so easy that I accidentally solved many of the puzzles. Now, this may be a good thing if you're not a fan of being stumped or even remotely challenged by a video game, or if you have a bored four-year-old in the room who you need to occupy for half a day.

I looked into Big Loop and they have a whole pile of these games. Near the end of my eight-hour playthrough to 100% completion I realized that I was playing the template of my second-ever major indie game release, Ball of Steel. The basic idea was to give the player a bunch of puzzling choices and then spring a hidden morality test on them at the end. There were elements of that in Doors - Paradox but none of it really mattered. And the story is random and terrible, but to play games like these and expect a Shakespearean narrative is setting oneself up for disaster.

Having put two of Big Loop's puzzlers to bed there's no question that Boxes: Lost Fragments was far superior. I think I'll be taking a break from these though: even with one as simple as Doors I ended up tossing out eight hours of productivity time just because I felt obligated to show the puzzles who the boss was.

It was me. I was the boss.

2024.02.05 – 2024.02.10

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