Boxes: Lost Fragments

I saw Big Loop Studios's Boxes game in the Discovery Queue (it may have been game 12,000-something) and it reminded me of The Room series of games. I used to be a huge fan of classic wooden puzzles—I never could afford full-sized puzzle boxes—and at a glance I could appreciate the art of this title. I've recently hidden all the ratings elements from the Steam store in my browser, so this was the first title that I picked up on gut feeling and presentation alone.

It didn't disappoint.

There were a lot of classic puzzle designs packed into the four hours it took me to clear this. It was a sight easier than Chants of Sennaar—in fact, many of the puzzles were elementary, baby's first logic test dealios—but the sound and animation design were what propelled me to finish the game.

Oddly satisfying, very tactile, and really only one head-scratcher, with a fairly obvious ending and promise of more to come. I'll be watching Big Loop's future efforts with interest.

2024.02.02 – 2024.02.03

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