The God of the Witches

God of the Witches

I wish I could remember why I read this book. It predates this careful chronicling that I’ve been doing. I think I started God of the Witches even before Bukowski’s On Writing. I want to say it’s because I needed a deeper understanding of the nature of witchcraft. It’s also possible that it was mentioned in Robert Graves’s The Greek Myths. If it wasn’t, the descriptions of death-king ritual echo much of what Graves wrote on early Greek paganism.

This was not an easy read, nor was it written in a way that left me with any solid conclusions other than the only reason that orthodox religion is to triumphantly ubiquitous today is because its agents actively sought out and exterminated the pagans, to the point of inventing the presence of heresy to justify the work of the inquisitors.

Anyway. I am not a witch.


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