The First Heretic

This was a weird one. I found it hard to follow, and not for the usual reason of it being an audiobook that I listen to while sweating my way through a 2 AM constitutional. It was disjointed and shifted perspective too often for my liking. These are not complaints, only observations. The style suited the narrative, and some measure of chaos was necessary to hammer home the terrible fate of the Wordbearers.

The story concludes with a more straightforward, blood-and-guts grimdark war chronicle, as should perhaps always occur at least once per Heresy novel.

My pace through the Horus Heresy has slowed as I’ve moved into a new phase of physical training. I need to properly document my program, but for now I’ll say that I’m trying to spend at least an hour a day in the gym, and on alternate days the training is so intense that I cannot focus on any kind of storytelling, so an audiobook would be wasted. I’m still committed to completing the Heresy. only now it will take longer than I first calculated.


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