The Horus Heresy narrative gains another divergent thread with this entry. It sounded a little rushed in comparison to McNeill’s previous title False Gods, as though there had been less time for substantive editing. The casual listener wouldn’t know the difference and the visceral horrors presented throughout drown out any narrative hiccups. Of the novels in Heresy thus far, Fulgrim is by far the most physically gruesome. McNeill does an excellent job of painting the picture of a decadent Primarch’s downfall—or ascension, depending on which side of Chaos you land on—although I found myself struggling to suspend my disbelief at many points in trying to fathom how the entire crew of the Pride of the Emperor succumbed to the mental infection from the void.

As my 2023 physical training regimen is lighter than before (three or four weekly sessions instead of a regular five) the pace with which I’m making progress through Heresy has slowed, but my determination to hear it through has not diminished in the slightest.


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