False Gods

This was as much a joy to listen to as the first one, and my investment in the series—and, indeed, Warhammer 40K as a whole—only grows stronger. I've subscribed to Warhammer+ and become addicted to watching their lavishly produced "battle reports", which are recorded matches of the tabletop wargame. The animation series Hammer and Bolter is also excellent.

It interesting to me, as a writer, how handing off the duties to different authors for each installment goes. Aside from comic books, this is my first experience with such a format. While Graham McNeill has his own voice distinct from Dan Abnett, it's surprise how cohesive everything is under the grimdark umbrella that the WH40K universe provides.

I don't miss listening to my EDM/favorites playlist at the gym anymore. If anything, I'm more motivated than ever to do my time exercising knowing that I have these tales to look forward to.

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