Children of Sargeras*

I open the door
I step inside
all I see
all I feel
is a dark desire.

There are places in the open spaces of the mind
where funnels and runnels
dig deep tunnels
and the children of Sargeras hide.

I’ve seen the ember plains
and the felt the burning flames.

I’ve stood on high plateaus
and fought with ancient foes.

In the order we bring to chaos
there are stored vices and loss
and always the feel
of the grind.

I could go on
and I often do, at length
about the virtue of agility over strength,
but I know in my heart of hearts
that I’m probably wrong
so I keep my counsel.

Where to next?
Let’s see how it goes.
Should I pull this mob?
Let’s see how it goes.
Can you tank or heal?
Let’s see how it goes.

Let’s see how it goes.

*Sargeras is a dark god of chaotic magic in the massively multiplayer online video game “World of Warcraft”.

2014.04.30 – 2023.11.19

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