Spider-Man: No Way Home

I watched Jon Watts’s special effects-infused extravaganza with the same bored disinterest that I used to watch most movies back in my stoner days. It was on Netflix, and there wasn’t any pressure to run it back to the nearest Blockbuster before it incurred a late fee, but it was just… there. It took four sessions to get through, and I only watched it to get a sense of the connection with Raimi’s stellar Doctor Strange flick.

I think if I’m going to devote two or more hours to focusing on a film, it’s going to have to mean more to me than just leveraging nostalgia and the still-not-quite-there-with-human-motion CGI. Coming off of a string of astoundingly good Bollywood films to this was perhaps not fair, so if you disagree with the opinion here you can rest assured it’s absolutely a biased one.

2024.02.07 – 2024.02.16

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