Anatomy of a Fall

Watching Triet's Anatomy of a Fall made me viscerally aware of the fact that I watch so few real human dramas, which is precisely what this film is. It might as well be a documentary with how well-acted and shot it is, while remaining perfectly grounded in being a story about “stuff happening to normal people.”

It's everything that anyone raving about it says it is, but you have to prepare yourself to sit for 152 minutes while Triet exposes you to uncomfortable closeups of emotional acting.

It made me think about my writing. In my fiction I've always written about the weird, the fantastic, and the supernatural. I've always tried to put some kind of off-kilter spin on my narratives. Maybe it's time I sat down and just wrote a story that didn't involve anything from the void of space or the unknown. Just to see what would come out.

2024.02.07 – 2024.02.09

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