The Primarchs

This four-novella anthology entry into the Horus Heresy filled in gaps in the overarching narrative and provided some quick and gruesome diversions from the main plot lines. I especially enjoyed Graham McNeill’s The Reflection Crack’d for his wicked descriptions of the Emperor’s Children and their heinous treatment of the flesh. Of all the factions I’ve encountered in my journey through Heresy, theirs is the most baffling to me as to how they remain cohesive. Somehow, McNeill and the others who’ve treated with them manage to weave the stories together.

Rob Sanders’s The Serpent Beneath was also a treat as it gave a good look at the Alpha Legion, a mysterious x-factor in the vast game that’s being played out in the Heresy. I liked the way Sanders characterized Omegon, one of the twin Primarchs of the legion, and there are extensive scenes detailing his methods and execution.

Far from being “filler content”, this anthology was a welcome diversion from the lengthier tomes that have populated the grand narrative thus far.


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