You'll find a handful of these in the Read list, though this is the first one I've sat down to review. I find it difficult and tiresome to review poetry, because it's so subjective. I've participated in enough poetry workshops at this point to know that there's really no way to quantify how good a given poem is. So then: how to express how I felt about this issue of POETRY MAGAZINE?

Eh. It was better than the three or four that preceded it if only because it felt like there was less of a queer/anti-colonist/insert-woke-movement here thrust to it. Speaking on those topics is even more tiresome for me, laregly because I'm not the correct audience for them and therefore make an even worse amplifier/regurgitator/critic of them. Suffice it to say, during my reading of this month's issue I felt less under assault for being a "normal" indifferent member of society.

Peng's interview of Will Alexander that closed the issue was masturbatory and pretentious, but that's usually how those go. Alexander claiming to have discovered the "circular breathing technique as applied to composing poems" had my eyes rolling right out of their sockets.

Taneum Bambrick's work actually made an impression on me, so I suppose that's something.


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