The Outcast Dead

At 1.5x speed, I’m finishing the books faster than I can review them!

I think the higher pace helped me focus on the story more than usual. This may be due to the sense that I might miss something if I don’t pay attention. I want to reiterate that I’m still left with enough mental bandwidth to concentrate on running and exercise form, so it’s not like I’m being distracted from either activity.

McNeill delivered a solid entry into the Horus Heresy with this one. It’s mainly a prison break story that delves deep into psyker and astropath lore, and there are many delightful “mind palace” sequences. There is also an exceptionally good leveraging of the grimdark overtones expected from a hardcore Warhammer 40K book, so fans of the brand would not leave disappointed.

An essential Heresy read.


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