In the Dust of This Planet

** spoiler alert ** It took me many years to get around to reading this, and while the exact reason for starting has been long forgotten, it had something to do with Kanye West.

Here's the spoiler, which is the fundamental crux of the discussion laid out by Mr. Thacker: the underpinnings of true horror lie in the realization that there are things out there (nature, space, planets, the universe itself) that just don't give a damn about us, or our existence, as human beings.

Scary stuff, eh?

Still, the book is worth skimming through if only to uncover the sources of Mr. Thacker's inspiration: the various books, movies, music, and other cultural artifacts worth mentioning add up to a delightful museum of the black and the terrible.

I'm following this up with a superficial read of Aristotle's "Ethics", so there should be some value gleaned from that juxtaposition, assuming it doesn't take me another half-decade to finish.

As of 2022, nine years after starting Thacker's book, I still have yet to read Aristotle's Ethics. Also worth noting that ITDOTP was the only book I finished reading in 2019, and Ye is more problematic than ever.


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