I liked this story better when it was called [SPOILER], but it does enough to differentiate itself from that other one that it's enjoyable in its own right. This marks the second fiction novel that I've read in a long while. It was the second assigned reading for the spring 2022 semester of "Genre Fiction", in which I've learned that maybe it's more important to focus on writing short stories than it is novels. This novel could've been a short story. To me, there were many gratuitous and indulgent pages. I liked it, though. I've known, to some degree, all of the characters that Awad puts forth. That familiarity was scary, perhaps scarier than the intended horror of the plot. I've got make an actual in-class presentation on the last few chapters of the book, so I'll save my deeper thoughts for that.

P.S. I'm getting faster at thoroughly absorbing these books, with this one coming in complete at just over a week of evening reads.


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