Prospero Burns

Once more, Abnett delivers. This entry into the Horus Heresy felt weighty. It did an excellent job of slotting itself into the grand narrative, while at the same time providing a humanocentric view of the VIth Legion Astartes. It is one of the few books I’ve listened to at the gym that I can recall the entire narrative arc. Abnett knows how to make the grimdark future memorable. It’s the way he uses the “normal” members of the Imperium as a lens. Just as we would be unable to see things from an alien perspective, Abnett wastes no time forcing the reader to look through superhuman eyes. This is not to say that the other authors who have contributed to this sprawling saga are doing it wrong: quite the contrary. I’m just starting to see Abnett’s entries as palette cleansers, and I understand why Games Workshop has chosen him to pen so many critical entries to the Black Library.

This book is essential reading in the Horus Heresy and a detailed look into the workings of the Space Wolves.


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