If you’re savvy at all to the way that social media has—and continues to—influence our lives, LikeWar will confirm your darkest suspicions. It is well researched, objective, and presents the flashpoint events in a fact-based and non-sensationalist manner.

My only point of contention was with the conclusion. The authors argue that social media, for good or ill, is here to stay. As someone who has mostly removed himself from it in the latter half of 2022, I feel as though there is a growing dichotomy in a society divided into those who choose not to participate, and those who are psychologically dependent. If this is the new reality, then it won’t be long before we classify involvement in social media as an illness, and those who participate as the visibly sick.

Keep in mind that all social media platforms are corporate interests and as businesses their primary concern will always be the bottom line, and that will come at the expense of the users and their well-being.


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