Now seven audiobooks into the Horus Heresy and having heard the words of six different authors I feel like Abnett “gets it” the most. That is not to say that the others have in any way failed at their tasks. There is just something about the way that Abnett spins out these yarns that makes it seem as though he understands, in his bones, the universe he is writing about.

This all contributed to a rollicking ride in Legion that I was sorry came to an end. I think it is due to the focus here on humans rather than the superhuman Astartes. There is more room for relatable interactions: love, sex, fear, and betrayal all seemed more tangible and believable in this book.

While the books between Abnett’s entries go many miles to paint the detailed backdrop of the Heresy and populate the stage with the titanic characters who will drive it forward (or stand against it) a casual reader could be excused for reading only books one and seven. They would still come away with a well written gist.

We will see whether this holds true going forward.


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