Out of lack of interest
I put myself to sleep
in the middle of the day.

A series of dreams:

1. Blackout Drapes

This life is a secret so dark
that the light is but a shadow, a cloud
passing over the face of the moon.

2. A Scratching at the Door

The cat doesn't love you,
it only loves food.
The cat doesn't know you,
it only knows hunger.

3. Clutch the Covers, Turn the Pillow

There are no true companions.
The bad ones stay too long
and the good ones leave too early.

4. The Urge to Urinate (or, A Bladderful)

If I could tell my younger self
the story of this old age
he wouldn't listen.

I awoke, hot under the sheets in the afternoon
thinking I could hear the sea,
but it was only the wind ringing
'round the spiral of my weathered cochlea.