The following pieces have been reproduced with their formatting as close to the originals as possible.

Title (Day.Month.Year)

Current Location, Current Mood, Current Music

no subject (11.06.09)

the Jack cave, bewildered, Grace, Too (live) - The Tragically Hip

there's nothing here

Tiding/Over (11.06.09)

the Jack cave, frustrated, the squeaking of synthetic leather


The sun sets, again. Pink and rose in the Western sky.

It's noon for her. Used to meet for lunch, sometimes. Glass towers; obscenely impractical, like her shoes. Sexual.

The luxuries. Yes, they are missed.

Fading Images (12.06.09)

the Jack cave, awake, dawn's 5-tone songbirds

A flat wooden drawer. Rows of butterflies, pinned.

Ugly accessories designed for beauty, they smell of dust and age.

Never used to worry about getting old, but I suppose I am.

Simulacrap (12.06.09)

the Jack cave, ex-animate, Radiohead - 2+2=5 (The Lukewarm)

If my life is someone else's dream, it's most likely that I'm a


of their frustration.

Sharpest Dagger (13.06.09)

the Jack cave, contemplative, a distant crow


"They're only words." So flip, pretending like there was no meaning.

Now I can't touch her


are all we have.

Version of Love, One of Infinity (14.06.09)

the Jack cave, cold, VAST - I Don't Have Anything

Don't want to sing these melancholy songs,
Just want to dance in the sun with you,

And you know this is a lie
as we sleep together
inside these walls.

My secrets
are your secrets.

With Child (14.06.09)

the Jack cave, indifferent, Madness - Our House

Now you're happy

because you have to be.

Everybody Smoke Pot! (14.06.09)

the Jack cave, goo goo gajoob ga goo goo gajoo, Jim Carrey - The Walrus

The song is there

right there

on the tip of the tongue

dancing, teasing, pushing against the ivory gates.

Held back by cautious glances and


Wrinkled in Disgust (15.06.09)

PC Lab 1, optimistic, random conversation

Like, dislike.

Some things are for you, others are not.

Even if the creation lives only for the enjoyment of a single person, it is valid.

"There are other worlds than this." - Jake, Stephen King's "The Gunslinger"

Burning Desire (15.06.09)

the Jack cave, frustrated, Alone Together - Tango Jointz

Don't be alarmed

or concerned.

If I keep you at arm's length

it's only because

any closer

and I would


The Education Experience, I (18.06.09)

the deck of the Normandy, cynical, Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Happy

incandescent, a soft glow

encased in glass

so fragile yet


Open Security Settings (on Facebook) (21.06.09)

the Jack cave, numb, random thumping from the walls

I see your lives
as an archaeologist must see
the stratum
in the stone.

From the green vegetation
to the ossified bone,
tracing back
and forward
through these

Statistics (21.06.09)

the Jack cave, bemused, Jesus Jones - Info Freako

Some of them may be friends, but the rest of them are just people you know who use the same social networking software.

Something from VAST (22.06.09)

FD PC Lab 2, apathetic, tapping keys and clicking buttons

"Everything passing by is not coming back." - Jon Crosby

The Education Experience, II (22.06.09)

the Jack cave, sleepy, tires on concrete

"It's not a competition,"
he whispers
as he crosses the finish line
in first place.

It's Just... (25.06.09)

the Jack cave, calm, Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel

People die. This has been happening for as long as there's been people.

The difference with people dying today is that we know about it almost as it's happening, and those of use privileged enough to have access to the great global information information network can vent our opinions on these deaths, and myriad other things great and mundane.

Resoundingly, a qualitative analysis of such responses has yielded the following result: the majority of people are ignorant and self-serving.

Nothing new. This has been happening for as long as there's been people.

Who Do These People Think They're Fooling? (30.06.09)

the Jack cave, apathetic, U2 - Party Girl

A moment of repentance will not make up for a lifetime of evil, but

if you're very lucky

a lifetime of repentance may make up for a moment of evil.

I can see




Indigo Black We Go (07.06.09)

the Jack cave, horny, Our Lady Peace - Naveed

Tight jeans that no longer
Dull teeth that no longer
no longer.

Justify where it's been
and where it's going
what was that?

Sorry it's not coming through
very clearly
through this overcast
surrounding whatever sense
of sensibility
we may have once had.

Style beats soul
fashion over form
for the making.

I'm sorry
this is just not good enough
for me.

Lens-based Fake-ography (18.07.09)

the Jack cave, energetic, Gossip - Vertical Rhythm



Can you make me look
Can you make me look
young again?
Can you make me look
crystal clear
in the glare
of this burning spotlight?

I don't need no make-up artist
to cover up my lines.
I don't need no pulp-fiction writer
to cover up my lines.

I see through the lens
that tries so hard to see through me
and what do I see?

I see you
I see you
I see you
hiding there.

The Sun Effect (20.07.09)

the Jack cave, enlivened, Pure - Spiritual Pollution

Soft brown curves
and the smell of coconut oil
sliding down
all your

I could just

Age, and Its Myriad Effects (22.07.09)

before the forge, wanting, the baying of fell creatures

And these
we once worshiped as gods
become as insignificant
as motes
obliterated by he rising
of our own stars.

In-formation (26.07.09)

the Jack cave, exhausted, Jesus Jones - Getaway Car

In order to grow and flourish in this world, under these conditions, we must be


at all times.

If we can't handle that, we must prepare for a life


and free from choice.

Poetic Justice (27.07.09)

the Jack cave, drained, cries of ecstasy

If death is oblivion,

people like

Romeo and Juliet

are the luckiest.

As If And Or Else (25.11.09)

the Jack cave, drained, Tool - You Lied

There is a world where

everything is the flesh

and material

and so help me

if I don't wanna live there.

Golden Time (02.12.09)

the Jack cave, sick, Mr. Dub FX

To sleep,
to dream,
perchance to wake
as someone else.

presently, a haiku (for you) (03.01.10)

the Jack cave, geeky, Kutiman - Thru You

Not where we were then

or where we are going to

but where we are now.

a cloud or an exhale or a cloud (17.01.10)

the Jack cave, accomplished, The Tragically Hip - The Dark Canuck

I dreamed I was smoke
(the white kind, clean)
and I drifted up into a pale blue sky,
escaping the dry yellow grass below,
to eventually wreathe the stars.

In my dream I dreamed you
looking up from that parched earth
where you lay, white dress collecting burrs and dusty pieces of ground.

You were smiling, and I like to think it was because you saw me
and imagined me as something else.

Patience (29.01.10)

the Jack cave, lonely

Waiting for the transient heart.

Gibson (31.01.10)

the Jack cave, calm, Kutiman - Wait for Me

Rip it from me. Need to feel those fingers inside, under the surface,


The coffee's all drunk up, and there's that same old debate again:

Another cup?

Palm covering the rim and a polite smile ends the discussion.

Behind the glass, fog rises with the interest and obscures only half as much as the desire

to be desired.

It's there

in the technology,

in the mire

of wires

and signals,

in the corrupted and compressed notes

streamed live into the senses,

absorbed and consumed.

Just want something sweet before I sleep.

wool (25.02.10)

the Jack cave, nostalgic

It's a long dark hallway that I walk down
heading to the yellow light that glints
like an eye slit, slitted eye
in the gap between the floor and the door.

And I press my face
press my cheek
against the carpet and
it's scratching my skin
as I try to peer into that yellow light.

I see dust-bunnies hopping along a hardwood floor
and the wood's all brown and old and scratched.

Is that a collection of pocks, put there at a party by a beautiful woman wearing a pair of stiletto heels?

Is that the gouge where the angry brother stumbled
a screwdriver
or maybe a knife
in his left hand
as he chased the innocent to one of his rooms?

And I can smell
musty air that blows full of motes
all bromide-colored and cloudy in the senses
blooming like a splash of dried blood
as the bleach hits it
from the spray-bottle
of sanity.

Sanitize these places
these well-lit rooms that keep me out
only letting me peep through holes
and under doors.

all the words in the world (27.02.10)

the Jack cave, nostalgic

How long
will you have
How many times
can I tell you
I love you
until you believe it?
it's the nature
of our language.
Or maybe
it's the way
of the world.
Until the world ends
until this life is over
I want to keep telling you
I love you
I love you
I love you
and maybe
one day
you'll really believe me.

how it ends (01.03.10)

the Jack cave, nostalgic

You knew how this would end
even before it was begun
but you went along anyway
hoping to have some fun.

Even though he told you
what he thought about love
you went along.

Even after endless evenings left spent and empty
you went along.

After countless times ignored
and all those second-guessed,
you went along.

Now he tells you to go along
bu you hang around
and continue to ask your
empty questions
to yourself.

Since you know the answers
why ask?

Remember his iron rule:
when your influence becomes a negative drag
he will give you a single chance
to redeem yourself
but if you continue to get in his way
he will turn you into a non-person.

So go along.

intaglio illumination (03.03.10)

the Jack cave, nostalgic

I saw the photos.
I saw the people.

It's ice now,
ice and cold,
with no promise of snow.

All things beautiful
live in their neutral-grays


While they sleep, we work.

We work in silence.
We work in darkness.

It's night now,
black and calm,
with no promise of dawn.

All things beautiful
shine with natural light


I saw the photos.
I saw the people.
I was

communication (05.03.10)

the Jack cave, nostalgic

I'll cut the lines, I'll cut the lines
to this telephone
to this Internet
to this can-and-string, string-and-can
I'll cut the lines.

We knew it all along
but we fooled ourselves.
We shouted it down
with our cries of ecstasy.

Try to rationalize
try to explain
try to exorcise these concepts
right out your brain.

And we are fading
fading photographs
we are
fading photographs.

into the distance
all disappearing
at the
vanishing point.

So I'll cut the lines, I'll cut the lines.
It's what we've always wanted.

dis/connect (10.03.10)

the Jack cave, nostalgic

Like something traced in light
traced with light
traced by light.


Sine wave synopsis hammers the drums
in your ears.
Constant conclusions begging for decisions but receiving none.

Fields of force

Pushing invisible fingers
gently cradling
and strumming
invisible strings.

Across an empty cosmos
filled with light
filled by light
my signals reach
like hungry hands
seeking yours

Reality Check (10.03.10)

the Jack cave, frustrated, Gorillaz - Rhinestone Eyes

And then comes the realization, after years of concerted effort:

"Shit, I'm not the only one doing this."

It is then that all the photographs and stories begin to make sense, and in fact the legend of


is the legend of


shadow of (13.03.10)

the Past, nostalgic

How many missed messages
how many mis
how many mis
sives dropping into in-boxes that just
go out

How can we
(you and
look it in the eye
and smile
don't know

Tracing implied lines
down the center of


we're racing headlong with our mouths.

Baby, It's Easy (20.03.10)

GD223, recumbent

Concrete dust on black suede

some great pulsing


causing such a stir.

The very air vibrates.

Colors, normally intangible, become visible.

Auras mingle and produce a melange of melodies.

"Tell me your story, here. I swear I'm listening."

But she didn't hear me askin'.
She didn't hear me askin', no.
Didn't hear me askin'.

glassblower (25.03.10)

the Past, nostalgic

I melt, bend, bristle, and burr.

My edges glow red-hot within her oven, and I am given the briefest respite as her wind billows me open, and I'm opening with her every breath, my petals spreading like dewy butterfly wings.

I am cut free, and I fall to the sandy floor. I am crushed in a glassy cacophony beneath her knifing boot-heel, and I return to my base materials.

I am atomic, and she fuses me. I am fused, and she atomizes me.

And so it goes.

Fall Arrives, Unnoticed (08.08.10)

the Jack cave, geeky, some guy playing guitar badly

There's that smell in the air and
things seem brighter as my
gets diverted.

It gets so hard to see the sun
in here.

Ode to My Enemies (30.08.10)

the Jack cave, accomplished, Pearl Jam - Better Man

To those I've shunned

and someday it will be you

on the outside again.

I've only set you free.

Free from me.

Absorb/Shun (14.09.10)

the Dark Acre, melancholy, TRASH_TOSS00.flp

I swallow lives whole

one public photo album at a time.

How many unaware

that they've left themselves bare

on these great data channels?

The Color Jade (19.09.10)

the Dark Acre, full, Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy

The more wondrous achievements we as human beings put under our collective belt

the less wondrous life becomes.

Where we used to say "that's impossible" we now say "I'm not surprised".

Perhaps life isn't so special after all?

Lucre (28.05.11)

the Jack cave, cannibalistic, Yonderboi - Before You Snap

Got a lot of heart
got a lot of soul
but haven't you heard?
Didn't you know?
It's the money
The filthy, dirty money
that makes the world go.

Strange Passengers (18.07.11)

the Dark Acre, lonely

Pointed shoes,
such a pretty
painted face.

Your dress is your attitude
insofar as it's light
and dirty.

I might like to know you,
I could be your shining star.
If only I was free
to be
half of what you think you are.
sent to myself by mobile phone from the Yamanote Line
4/9/05 Japan

Manifest Destiny (02.03.20)

the Dark Acre, curious, the dusty whir of computer fans

And this ground

a Man came and told us we were trespassing

that the land was His


but how can they own that which was never theirs to begin with?