Preface (October 15, 2021)

I'm doing this because I have to.

It's astounding to me that it's been six and a half years since I devoted at least an hour of each day to writing. At the time, I'd hoped it would re-ignite the discipline that had seen me through three published books, four completed NaNoWriMo entries, and two major video game narrative projects.

It didn't.

So, much like a retired man with a garage full of power tools, I'm trotting this old project out and spit-shining it for the site. The 365 entries that comprise the original work are all first drafts, meaning I wrote and published them without any revision. Here, I'll take at least a superficial run through each piece. In the end, I just want it all collected here where I can easily link to it if needed. Nothing can ever take away from the prior accomplishment, but I'm hoping that I can improve on it in some way. Part of me is fearful. I'm fearful that this act of looking back is a waste of time. That I should be writing new things instead of digging through the dirt of the past.

I guess we'll see.

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