Rÿchüz: The Lost and Found Recordings

I played drums and sang in a rock band for four years in Tokyo, Japan, from 2001 to 2005. Takashi Hayashi played lead guitar most of the time, alongside Motti Motto. Kanji rounded us out on bass, but he left the band when his father passed away and was replaced by a flautist whose name I never learned.

Our work culminated in a series of live shows in a little bar called Yuko'stopia. There's a VHS recording of this performance sitting in the bottom of a drawer in Saitama. I wonder if I'll ever see it again.

Live at Yuko'stopia, Tokyo, Japan, circa 2003

Space Song


Blues Sister


God Breathing

Happy Day


Reggae Meat

Jams, Various, circa 2001-2004

These are the only surviving recordings of hundreds of hours of jam sessions, but are good representations of what we brought to the table.


Hey Sister