Garageband · 2004

These two tracks represent the very beginnings of my explorations with electronic music. I started with an iBook and Garageband before moving on to FL Studio, and while these songs are super primative I'm still proud of them to this day.

I Had a Dream

In 2004 I repurposed the Martin Luther King Jr. "I Have a Dream" speech with a sampler then did my best to respectfully process it.


Around the same time I put the previous track together I sat in an empty classroom in Nihonbashi Berlitz and layered this as a Garageband learning exercise more than anything else.

VFS · 2008-2009


This track was the only time I've ever touched Ableton. It was produced as an exercise for sound design in video games as part of the Game Design program at Vancouver Film School, 2008-2009.

Dark Acre Days · 2010-2015

These tracks were all composed using various apps during my time as an independent video game developer, 2010-2015.

Lay Moby Lay

The chords from Dylan's "Lay Lady Lay" in a brooding synth mood. FL Studio, September 2010.

I Am a Robot

Seventeen second loop of human interface. BeatMaker, September 2010.

Trash Toss

Messing around with a solid beat and some auto-generated riffs using the Sytrus VSTi. FL Studio, September 2010.

3 Notes and a Drone

Fascination with 3xOsc produces vomit, fecal matter. FL Studio, October 2010.

Hand-hammered Tension

Track built for the background music of a Ludum Dare 48 time-lapse video. FL Studio, December 21, 2010.

Ball of Steel

Theme song for my first complete video game release to Kongregate. FL Studio, February 15, 2011.


A messy test/demo of NanoStudio for iPad. 2011.


Another sketch produced in NanoStudio. 2011.


I believe this was done in FL Studio Mobile. 2011.


Three minutes of scary noise via KORG iMS-20 for iPad, recorded live in FL Studio. April 19, 2012.


A live loop captured in Propellerhead's Figure app for iPad. 2012.

42 Seconds of Fear at The Dark Acre

Inspired by a brief paranoia attack while looking through the front door's peephole. FL Studio, 2014.

Jericho (WIP)

Playing with addition and subtraction synthesis in FL Studio. 2014.

MPC 1 at Dark Acre Toilet

Composed this on iMPC for iPad while, as the title suggests, sitting on the toilet. 2015.


Here Kitty Kitty

Opened FL Studio after two years of not, and made this. 2017.

The 2020 Run

RDJ Made Me Do It

This was the first "complete" piece of music I composed in half a decade. I was just sitting there, minding my own business, listening to Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 EP and decided to put it together. FL Studio, 2020.


I'd wanted to slice the Amen Break forever, yet after I did it I felt strangely unfulfilled. FL Studio, 2020.


Kristen Stewart made this noise in "Happiest Season", so I sampled it and sketched this. FL Studio, 2020.


After producing three pieces in rather quick succession and feeling like I was actually getting somewhere I decided to devote some time to studying FL Studio's 3x Osc and automation. 2020.

YC Made Me Do It

I lifted the opening riff of Yan Cook's "Making Cyber Techno" and then just went nuts with the chop tool and automation. FL Studio, 2020.

The Final Trumpet

This was the end of the 2020 run at producing music. FL Studio.