CMON1975 Mailing List

a sample of what a DARK ACRE email alert looks like
A CMON1975 email alert example.

Thank you for considering subscribing to CMON1975 email alerts. These will only ever be in-your-inbox messages from—an address I encourage you to whitelist, as there is a tendency for these kinds of messages to go directly to a spam folder. They will look like the above figure, and only ever be links to new content that's been published on this website. I pledge to never use the email address you provide for anything else.

You will get an email with each new item published to this site from the date you sign up. There are no old scheduled alerts nor ongoing pre-programmed campaigns of any kind.

Please type an email address into the box below and hit the SUBMIT button.

I also post links to new content on X, Instagram, and via RSS.