Month 8 Report

I’ve neglected my personal documentation so badly that I only realized I hadn’t written a monthly report until it was twelve days overdue. This is partly due to the twice-daily livestreams I’ve been doing on Twitch, where I give regular updates on what I’m up to, and mostly due to the energetic deflation that follows the end of a semester of undergraduate study.

I scored two A-pluses this time around, in poetry and short story writing. Does that mean anything?

The break until next year is now well underway. I’ve re-opened my schedule for senior citizen services, where I provide companionship and tech support for the local elderly. I’ve also been passively looking for work on Indeed and LinkedIn. I got an offer the other day from a company that has a one-star rating, though I doubt anything will come of it. They want me to come to Vancouver for a couple of days each week, and that’s a non-starter. I’d love to land a position where I can leverage my skills while sitting at home here in the studio. I believe it’s just a matter of time and I know it would help a lot if I was proactive.

The home gym is in place, so I now have zero excuses for not exercising. It’s a hell of a thing to be able to wake up and walk ten feet to a treadmill and kitted-out calisthenics training area. I’ll reach my goal of a sub-85 kilogram/-15% body fat frame by my fiftieth birthday with time to spare.

I need to maintain the writing habit. It’s in danger of falling by the wayside. I want to have my books republished on Amazon and the recovered blog entries from the Dark Acre Game Development salad days reposted by September. I also need to get underway on a narrative game design for next semester’s directed studies course. I’m genuinely nervous for the coming final year of my bachelor’s degree. It’s going to be the most demanding academic trial yet, made all the worse because I could have graduated this year and moved on. These are tough roads to walk at any age, and they don’t get any easier as I get older.


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