November 2022

November 27, 2022

Jessica Kingdon’s documentary “Ascension” (2021) is a beautiful portal into hell, and I recommend you add it to whatever “to watch” list you keep.

It’s been a good month. I’m tempted to go on at length about how good the excision of social media from my day-to-day has been, but I realize that would sound self-righteous, like someone who’s recently quit smoking or taken up CrossFit or gone vegan.

wednesday addams calling social media a soul-sucking void of meaningless affirmation
Wednesday Addams calls it like she sees it.

I put ten thousand words into this year’s Nanowrimo before I was interrupted by schoolwork. There’s no real excuse, though the dozen books on my “currently reading” pile was also a contributing factor. The realization that wide reading was making me a better writer had the—perhaps expectable—side effect of reducing the time I had available to write. I intend to set aside an area of this website to detail and review the books I read. I’ve done this up to now on Goodreads, but it seems prudent to collect it all here, first, then disperse it to whatever outlets. To be honest, GR smacks too much of a social media platform for my liking anyways, and I’m sure I’d be rid of it by now if it weren’t so convenient for compiling a “to read” list.

Speaking of quasi-social media platforms that I have yet to divest myself from, there’s some fresh written work available on Soundcloud. Poetry and some short stories, all from this semester, though only in audio form. I’m not sure when I’ll transcribe them here, as I’ve become concerned with publishing my work for actual coin. We’ll see.

I pre-ordered Modern Warfare II with the intention of making it my main video game. I still haven’t finished the single player campaign, nor have I touched the multiplayer.

I pre-ordered Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, buoyed by its authentic audiovisual depiction of the eponymous grimdark universe, and ten hours into the beta test I can tell you it’s excellent. I hesitate to commit more time out of fear of having my hard-won progress wiped, despite developer Fatshark’s assurances that this will not happen. If you enjoy video games like Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood, Killing Floor—there must be a genre to collect these under… co-op survival, perhaps—then you’ll find a lot to love in Darktide. Maybe check out the earlier versions of the game in Vermintide I and II.

I’ve also pre-ordered The Callisto Protocol because I’ve been waiting for a game to take Dead Space’s crown, and I’m sure this is the one.

It appears I only have the capacity and/or the will to pen one of these journal entries a month. In a world where you’re more likely to be inundated with notifications and overwhelmed by the amount of diversion available, I hope that my infrequent updates have become a blessing rather than a burden. Today, it was for me a way to warm up my writing hand before diving into the near-last round of eviscerating my classmates’ work.


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