February 2021

February 2, 2021

I broke my promise. Yesterday died on the table. I played GTA Online until 0230 then slept until 1030 on the 1st. I'm in conflict with one of my creative writing professors. It's a small thing, but one where I'm in the right and being rejected for reasons unknown. Here are the instructions for assignment submission:

Upload your weekly exercise here, either as a Word document, as a link to the exercise task as posted on your portfolio site, or in another appropriate and accessible format as determined by the exercise's content.

To me, that reads as 3 options. The 3rd option opens up an exception rule, where if the assignment itself states there's some other required form, we should use that. The assignment in question was to rewrite a news post to make it more "Internet friendly". I posted it to the class Wordpress, and submitted a link to that post. It was done a day ahead of the deadline. The professor then requested a Word document version, but I didn't receive that request until after the deadline. I copied the post contents to a .docx and submitted it, but that was rejected. As of this post, the professor still has yet to clarify the submission guidelines or acknowledge that they're unclear. It's been a source of frustration for a few days now.

Fortunately, the universe seeks to balance itself. The other class I'm taking this semester is an advanced poetry workshop. I submitted Anticipating Immunity as my first assignment, and the professor said it was good enough to submit to magazines. I've sent it along to the university lit mag.

I don't want to imply that school work has gotten the best of me. I'm still inflicting a deep laziness on myself. I managed to get a decent sleep last night, and so far I've watered and fed my body according to plan. We'll see what the rest of this Tuesday brings.


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