Project Zero Three: Ball of Steel

The original image link to the project page.
The original image link to the project page.

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The original app icon for Ball of Steel.
The original app icon for Ball of Steel.

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Project Title

Ball of Steel


Puzzle Toy


Twenty-eight tilt-mazes with a twist! Navigate over hazards and through obstacles in either casual Game mode or challenging Story mode.

High Concept and Features

Ball of Steel is a casual puzzle toy built in Unity 3D for web browsers.

It is a series of twenty-eight marble tilt-mazes over six distinct worlds, containing a variety of hazards and obstacles such as:

Players may choose to engage in one of two modes, Game or Story.

Game Mode features full access to all the mazes and the ability to skip any maze at any time.

Story Mode is a more challenging experience, where the player plays through each maze in sequence, collecting mysterious treasures and revealing a story that is different every time they play.

Story Mode features 4 different endings.

Ball of Steel can be played with Mouse and Keyboard or Mouse and Gamepad.


Ball of Steel has been designed with the casual gamer in mind and contains no violence or suggestive themes.

NOTE: A primitive version of Ball of Steel was made freely available on Kongregate. This definitive version contains many more features and much higher level of polish.




Release Date


Disclaimer and Legal

2011.02.10 – 2011.04.21

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