Ludum Dare 19


[Lost content, Unity Webplayer of the actual finished game.]

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Looking at this video fourteen years later, I find my own hubris disgustingly shocking. That's what isolating oneself from others for prolonged periods of time does to a person.—Ed.




As per rules of the compo, participants were required to make a post to the Ludum Dare forums declaring their intent and any tools or external content they would be using. This was my first post. –Ed.

A Challenger Appears!

This should be good.

I’m Jack, and I’m entering LD #19.

I’m not certain where to put the library declarations?  So I’ll put them here.  I’ll be using:

Unity 3D free version.

Pixelplacement’s iTween.

The powers of darkness.

I’m fairly certain these are all available to all?

I look forward to testing your might!


Christopher ‘Jack’ Nilssen – Dark Acre


Art: Photoshop CS5, 3DS Max 2011, Crazybump.

Sound: FL Studio 9+

Additional “base code”: Pixelplacement’s just-released “Backdrop“, just in case.


Font: Imagine Font.


The original posting order of these updates was reversed, as I entered them into Wordpress one on top of the other as I progressed through the challenge. They have been re-ordered chronologically for this archive. –Ed.

00:00: Theme has been announced! Cameras are rolling! Ideas are flowing! Aaaaaand… I’m off to a friend’s graduation ceremony.

03:30: Well, that took a bit longer than expected, but I wasn’t idle. Got a lot of brainstorming done, now to finalize the concept and build out a feature.

03:43: Sitting down to start paper plan.

04:03: Committing to paper plan, starting build. The terror of the blank code page awaits!

05:34: Camera controls are in. 1st build is above, click the image to run. F1–F3 to switch camera modes.

06:01: Grabbing some quick Z’s, hopefully need just 4.

13:13: 4 became 7, but I suppose that’s what I needed. Fully charged and raring to go!

14:22 Character controller for map views 1 and 2 (F1 and F2) implemented, left mouse-click to move.

16:10 Procedurally generating ocean tiles now, needs dupe detection but functional.

18:12 Dupe detection in, no more overflows. Can move on, but first a short nap.

19:32 Dive-mode partially implemented. F3 will spawn a diver, returning to F1 or F2 will cause weird things to happen. Control diver with gamepad or arrow keys, A to surface and B to dive, no keyboard controls for dive implemented yet.

22:03 Dive mode now enables treasure gathering. Q and E to surface and dive on the keyboard, WASD/arrows/gamepad for movement.

1:02:05 Camera improved, modes improved, random generation of map combined with treasure shaft beginnings.

1:06:24 Ocean floor, depth visual cues, second treasure, proper map generation and the element of discovery. Sleep now.

1:13:25 Almost everything in, game loop closed. Critical bug with replay not working.

1:20:34 Contemplating submission. Could do a tiny bit more polishing, but seriously worried about passing out and missing the deadline.

1:22:29 Preparing submission.

1:23:01 Well, if that’s the Ludum Dare 48-hour game-making challenge, I’ve done it. Totally satisfied with the results, and hope that you’ll give it a play and let me know how I could improve. Love you all, and I must rest. Stay tuned for the post-mortem and totally exciting nose-picking extravaganza of the time-lapse! OooOoOoOoo…

2010.12.16 – 2010.12.19

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