He Knew Himself

“You should run for office,” she said, adjusting her stockings.

“I would make a lousy politician,” he replied. “I’m far too easily led. They’d corrupt me in a heartbeat.”

“Who would?”

“Whoever it is that does the corrupting of public officials. I’m sure the start of a political campaign would be fun, all ideals and dreams, promises of a better tomorrow and whatnot. But as soon as I gained any traction there’d be all sorts of parties approaching me, many armed with briefcases full of cash that even if I had the strength to resist, I’d cave under the slightest amount of bullying.”

“It sounds like you’ve given this a lot of thought,” she said.

“Not really. I just know myself. It’s the same reason I refuse to have kids. I know how irresponsible I am. I’d make a terrible leader of the nation, and I’d make an even worse dad.”

2023.08.14 – 2023.12.26

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