“He loves it when I swallow,” Candy said, and snapped her manicured nails. Stormy found the blue lacquer upsetting in its vividness.

“Of course he does, you’re totally fulfilling a porn fantasy of his. Plus, it makes cleaning up a lot easier. Less wet spots to dodge.”

“Fewer wet spots, dear. Seriously, how did you even graduate high school?”

“I didn’t, remember? I got that job in grade eleven and dropped out. Making money was more interesting than continuing to bomb Ms. Oedeker’s English class.”

“And how’d that all work out for you? The making money thing, I mean.” Candy blew a small bubble from the gum she was chewing, and just before it burst Stormy noticed the veins in its pearly-pink surface. Like a heart exploding, she thought.

“It was good for a few years, until I realized it wasn’t going to get any better.”

“Sounds like most things.”

“That’s cynical,” Stormy said.

“That’s the voice of experience for you, Stormy. It tends towards the truth of things.” Candy winked, her extended lashes batting together. “Anyway, I like swallowing.”

“You do? I don’t like the taste at all.”

“It’s situational, of course. Depends a lot on his diet, you know? They say there’s certain things you can feed your man to make it taste great, but Tony’s never needed that. I guess he’s already eating right.”

Tony was Candy’s most recent and longest-lasting romantic relationship. Stormy was sure it was love, and any day now Candy would announce that she was having his kid. Though maybe not so soon if she was swallowing all that potential. As if on cue, she continued her explanation: “And besides, it’s not about the taste. I like to think about all the possible futures I’m consuming.”


“Well, you know how guys ejaculate like a billion sperms, right? Each one of those little bastards is a potential Einstein or Mother Theresa. That’s gotta count for something, right?” Candy popped another bubble.

“I never thought about it like that.”

“What if it’s like you’re consuming all that power, all that unrealized potential? Even if it’s only fractional, that’s gotta add up.”

“How many loads are we talking about here?”

“More than a few,” Candy said, favoring Stormy with a lascivious wink. “Anyway, you should think about it.”

“Believe me, swallowing loads is the last thing on my mind these days.”

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