"If I had enough money for a boob job," she said, ending her wish with a wistful sigh.

I looked up from my tablet. The New York Times was telling me about the American president's desire to be a benevolent force in world politics. What Shannon had just said was far more interesting.

"If you had enough money for a boob job," I said, "you'd want a nose job too. And you'd probably want to do something for your lips and eyes after that, and that work would ruin the work on your nose, so you'd need to get that fixed."

She shot me an angry sidelong glare.

"And then," I continued, "in 10 years, you'd need it all over again." I smiled and patted her wrist. "Better maybe to spend some time really interrogating why you feel the need for all of that, and whether that desire comes from within or without. If it's from outside, well," I picked up the tablet. "None of that shit matters."

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