Nice to See You, Mr. Williams

"Robin Williams dies, and you decide to watch Good Will Hunting, a film you've heard about for a long time but never actually seen.

"Robin doesn't even show up for the first act, but you're engrossed in the unfolding story of this kid savant played by a very young Matt Damon.

"Then Williams is finally introduced, and it takes on a special kind of gravity because, well, he's dead now. But it's something more than that, and as you watch him play this tragic character you start to wonder how much acting was really involved in the portrayal, and you begin to suspect that it might not be so very much at all. That maybe the manic, sometimes drug-fueled comedic ape you watched caper and mug for all those years was the real act, and that here, in the high-definition video print of a movie from 1997, Robin Williams is revealing some of his true self."

2014.08.12 – 2023.04.11

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