"I look at some of these people out here, people attempting to achieve similar goals with similar means, and these folks are really suffering. Like, hardcore, working on the cold and threadbare floors of rooms they can't afford to rent, eating instant food that does nothing for their bodies, and just constantly engaging in the most toxic of back-and-forths on the Internet that you could possibly imagine. Just, grinding, you know? Because at some point along the way they decided that that was what their art really needed, for the artist to have somehow gone through great torment of the mind, body, and spirit just to produce something of value.

"It's bullshit. I can't help but think that these folks have somehow gone wrong somewhere, but then I look closer and most of them are young and still filled with warped ideals. Ideals that still reek of the rebellious spirit of their teenage years, and angst that hasn't quite loosened its grip around their throats. The thing you figure out when you get more experienced is that all of that anger is such a huge waste of time and energy. There are far better uses for rage than the blind lashings-out of these young creators. I suppose that they'll learn it in time, or they won't, but it's another major reason why I see no value in engaging in the social circles of so-called artists, genuine or no.

"The exchange and quality of the energy there is that of a mindless black hole."

2014.07.05 – 2023.03.07

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