I was once told, "don't sweat the details". The thing of it—the real shitting terror of it—is that if you work on a thing long enough, and with enough care, it becomes nothing but details.

The real secret to crafting something of quality lies in the layers of its construction. From painting to writing to building a videogame, working from bulky shapes down to the smallest piece of noise will produce the actual best that you're capable of.

"I tried my best" is a lie that so many artists hide behind, because no one's going to deny them to their faces. But any other artist can tell at a glance whether or not this is true by the quality of the finest details, and the level of precision with which the elements of a given composition were placed and then tuned.

So sweat the details. They're important.

2014.06.21 – 2023.02.22

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