Words to Live By

"It's like the Law," he said, and she could feel the capitalization of the word. "It's not a thing to dwell upon, nor establish dogmatic religion over. It's something to be read, remembered, then sublimated. Internally destroyed. A universal fact that will help you throughout the remainder of your days in the sun. As long as we're above ground we may as well hold such truths to be self-evident, wear them not like a burden, but as a mantle of honor. A load that strengthens rather than depletes."

"The Law?" she asked. "What's that?"

"Just some bullshit Crowley came up with ages ago. You can consider this the 'New Law', if it makes you feel better. Ideas evolve, you know. They're not static; they don't fossilize. Not if they're properly cared for."

2014.05.15 – 2023.01.20

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